Christmas pressie haul

12th January 2014

Santa was really kind to me this year. Just look what was under my Christmas tree…


My New Year’s resolution was to try and keep up with my blogging more, but sadly I’ve broken it already and am only just getting round to sharing my Christmas present post with you all. Still, better late than never!

My husband got me the most amazing Lulu Guinness handbag, which was totally unexpected. (Yes, that’s the Izzy satchel sitting proudly in my dressing room!) I’ve always loved Lulu because her designs are quirky and quintessentially British. You may not realise this, but she’s actually a West Country designer – born in Gloucester – so really we’re supporting the local economy. Er, kind of!

The hat was a gift from my parents-in-law, who got it at Fox & Feather on Gloucester Road. We went shopping just before Christmas and I tried it on, unsure of whether I could get away with something so outlandish. My very stylish mother-in-law, who is a 1970s chick herself, was really enthusiastic about it and said I could definitely carry it off and, would you know it, she was right! What a fab pressie!

As if that wasn’t enough, my dad-in-law found this in TK Maxx for me…


I’ve always wanted to learn how to do proper fashion illustrations, so this how-to guide was a really thoughtful gift. It covers everything from shoes, to handbags, hats and gloves from all eras of fashion. Among my favourites were the 1990s style illos that remind me of the outfits worn by supermodels like Cindy Crawford…

christmas haul 3

There are also some really bright and ‘out there’ 70s looks to be drawn…

christmas haul 4

I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into these on the long winter nights we have ahead of us…

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