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31st August 2014

This autumn fashion’s going feline, so I’ve been on the hunt for the purr-fect accessories!


Above: Tights from Primark

Novelty items usually aren’t my bag, but since I got my two kitties last year I’ve gone cat crazy and, luckily for me, so has the high street. Feline inspired accessories are everywhere right now. Since it’s unlikely to be the most durable trend, I’ve managed to find some bargain bits to give a cute nod to the trend this season without breaking the bank. I love that there’s something a bit Harajuku inspired about this trend – these Japanese girls have such a cool, urban style.

cat clothes

Above: T shirt and cross-body bag, Primark. Postcard, Paperchase in IKEA frame

Cats come in all shapes and colours but, for me, it has to be black cats. There are all sorts of legends that abound about black cats – for example, did you know it’s lucky for a bride to see one before her wedding? Or that in ancient Welsh folklore, they were believed to ward off sickness? At the risk of revealing myself to be a mad cat lady, I’ve even got my own black cat wall at home, filled with unusual prints and Edwardian postcards picked up at vintage fairs…

cat wall

This wall is at the top of the stairs in our house, but I’m hoping that, in the years to come, we’ll be able to fill the whole wall with quirky cat cards and paintings. And, if you’re not all kitty’ed out yet, here’s a little snap of the two beasts who inspired it all, my Popeye and Olive. Did you know that 70% of cats left behind at the RSPCA are black cats? Apparently they’re not as photogenic as other cats, but I beg to disagree. Look at them…


(Popeye and Olive were looked after by Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue  before we adopted them)

Finally, if you STILL haven’t had enough cats, here’s a song by Japanese pop punk band Shonen Knife which you won’t be able to get out of your head…meow!


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