Duo Boots: Find your #BootTribe

22nd October 2014

It’s not often I get to see so many of my favourite local bloggers in one place, so when Duo Boots invited me to their exclusive event in Bath last week, of course I said yes.


What do you call a ‘boot selfie’? A belfie? This is one of those!


Champagne, shoes and shopping – pretty much my perfect evening!

Much like Harry Potter’s sorting hat, this event aimed to divide us into one of three ‘tribes’ – ankle, knee-high, or over-the-knee. They’re all very different, you know!

The ankle boot girls take Alexa Chung as their inspiration and prefer an off-beat, quirky New York vibe. The knee-highs sit with Kate Moss in the Primrose Hill set – they’re a bit rock and roll and they like it. The over-the-knee ladies can be found lounging with Olivia Palermo in the Hamptons…or so the theory goes.


Lily (Lily Doughball) and SJP (Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion) deliberate over their #BootTribe. Lily ended up going for the sparkly Abel boots, pictured above

We were each given little pegs with our blog name on it and the idea was that we would go around Duo’s pretty Bath showroom and ‘peg’ the boot that most fitted our personal style.  So which tribe would I join? That decision was harder than I thought it would be.


I almost went for the Elsa black fitted knee-high boot, but it wasn’t to be…

I first went in the Kate Moss direction, trying on a pair of black suede knee high boots. The great thing about Duo is that they measure your calf width and the boots come in a range of fittings – so if you’re reading this thinking ‘knee highs aren’t for me, I have fat calves’, fear not! There is a boot for you here. Another useful thing for small footed ladies is that they come in a wide range of sizes, starting at 35. (Yes, that is a UK size 2.5. I have little donkey feet!)

Something about that boot wasn’t for me, though. It just didn’t feel right and I couldn’t think of three outfits I would wear them with, which is my acid test of whether a shoe is right. I soon changed course and went for an ankle boot.

Abel_grey edit

Ta dah! My boot of choice, the Abel in grey

These grey ‘Abel’ boots were really comfortable and a bit more understated. I could see myself wearing them with jeans, patterned trousers, and a little red midi-length skirt I’ve been saving for a rainy day. So it was deal done and I pegged them!


It took a while, but I finally found my #boottribe. I’m an ankle boot girl!

It seems I wasn’t the only one – 60% of bloggers were in the ankle tribe, 33% joined Kate Moss in the knee-high brigade, and just 7% of brave souls went full on sexy with over-the-knee boots. It’s the first time I’ve ever been given stats at a blogger event and I liked it!


Emily (Mermaid Gossip) and Sophie (Saints on a Plane) were both ankle booters as well
– what are the chances?!

My boots are due to arrive sometime this week in the post, and I can’t wait to style them up and share my outfit post. Yes, I know, I hardly ever do those. I promise to make an effort though, honest!

*Disclosure: Duo has offered me a free pair of boots for coming along to their event (yay!) but that’s all, and these are my genuine views. So there! 

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