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Bristol #BlogClub: June

5th July 2015

This month’s #BlogClub was a scorcher, so we all donned our sundresses and hot-footed it over to Bath & Unwind in Clifton for chilled drinks to discuss paid links and disclosures.

IMG_0484_edit (1)

#BlogClub ladies…as usual, I’m not in the picture because I was the one taking it! Crafty, eh?!

#BlogClub is one of the rare occasions us Bristol bloggers have to catch up and swap tips in a relaxed setting. Normally when we meet it’s at brand events or parties where there’s usually loud music and a product to promote, so we don’t get time to have full and frank discussions about the joys and challenges of blogging. #BlogClub is our space to be open and share our experiences. It’s become a really useful resource for us all, especially the less tech-savvy like me, who can come in and get tips from others.

This month we were hosted by Bath & Unwind, a fabulous young online retailer selling premium beauty brands online. The #BlogClub ladies try to host the event in a different company premises each month to help showcase growing Bristol businesses. It works out pretty well both ways because the bloggers gain an insight into how brands approach content and marketing, and the businesses get some great insights from us that feeds into their social media marketing. It’s a win/win!

Here’s a little of what we learned this month…

  • Your approach to publishing links on your blog can seriously affect your SEO ranking and also the reputation of your blog. It pays to ensure all links published on your blog are relevant and genuine
  • When a company/brand pays you to include a link to their site/product on your blog, you should post a disclosure
  • While this isn’t laid down in law, it is part of guidance issued by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA)
  • You can also use ‘nofollow’ links, which is a way of telling search engines that your link has been paid for
  • If a company doesn’t want disclosure, you should probably avoid working with them
  • Where you’re promoting something as part of a paid agreement, you should always use appropriate hashtags in tweets, Vines, Instagram, YouTube e.g. #sponsored or #ad in same tweet, preferably at the beginning of the post!
  • Check your blog comments for spam comments and delete if you find any dodgy links
  • When picking themes for your blog, make sure you get them from a reputable source as some theme creators could use dodgy/hidden links or text in the HTML to improve their own site’s page rank
  • Guidance on disclosures and links can be found on the ASA blog 

While I was aware of quite a lot of this, I did find it amazing how many loopholes there are for dodgy links to slip through. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed there aren’t any on here and have pencilled in some time to have a proper dig around just in case as I’m now paranoid about it!)

IMG_0536_EDit (1)

Finally, I couldn’t finish this blog without saying a big thank you to Bath & Unwind – not only did they provide a lovely cool space and refreshments for us all on a hot day, but they also gave us goody bags to take home filled with some of their beautifully packaged, nourishing products. I got this Burt’s Bees cream cleanser with clary sage, which smells like summer in a tube and is amazing for dry skin. Thank you, ladies!

Disclosure: I received a free goody bag from Bath & Unwind as part of this event, but all views are my own. Yeah, check me out and my disclosures!

New beginnings

13th October 2012

It’s been a while, bloggettes and you may wonder where Bristol Fashionista has been all this time. Well, we went off to set up an online fashion community called, which was a fabulous adventure and which many of you got involved in.

We had amazing support from all of you, from local press, and from some fabulous advertisers who got behind us from day one. Ultimately though, we weren’t able to continue with it because the company we worked for, a small publisher in Bath who were new to the fashion market, were unable to sustain us financially for the period we needed to get the project off the ground. The whole team was made redundant and it was a really sad time for us all.

However, we’ve all come out of it wiser, stronger, and have definitely learnt a lot from our experiences there. Sian went off to work for New Zealand Fashion Week, Sophie now represents Prada Eyewear in the South West, Shannon writes for and I’m an Editor for a Bristol based agency, as well as working freelance on a series of local fashion projects including Bristol Fashion Week.

I’m continuing the Bristol Fashionista blog – which we had originally started as a way of testing out our content – as a solo effort. I hope you’ll continue to follow the blog and enjoy all the amazing style treats Bristol has to offer.

Gina x

Skins star Laya Lewis reveals her Bristol fashion secrets

10th February 2012

Skins actress Laya Lewis (aka Liv Malone) gives us the lowdown on her cheeky colourful style and where she shops when filming in Bristol

The new series of Bristol based teen drama Skins is well underway on E4, generating the usual flurry of controversy around its risqué take on teenage sex and drug use, but it’s the characters wardrobes that have really been setting social networking sites like Twitter alight, with fans desperate to emulate their favourite characters’ looks. And it’s not just the teens that love the looks – women of all ages have been tweeting their love of the styles showcased on the programme.

Among those on the fashion watch list is Laya Lewis, who plays the slightly promiscuous tomboy, Liv. When Bristol24-7 arrives at the St Paul’s set where they’re filming the final episode, Laya is dressed head to toe in tribal gear, in preparation for the climactic series finale.

“It’s a bit Rihanna, this outfit, don’t you think?” smiles Laya, when we comment on her unusual get-up. “I love her style, so I was really happy when they put me in this!”

Fearlessness is what marks out Liv’s style on the show, and Laya is keen to point out that this is something she adopts in her civilian wardrobe too.

“Liv’s wardrobe is very colourful, but what I love about it is that she’s also quite boyish, so I’m always given comfortable stuff that I can run around in, jump and climb trees. At the end of last series we got to raid our character’s wardrobes and I took home so much stuff”.

When she’s not working, her style is eclectic. “Today I arrived in a Hawaiian shirt – I love shirts – with big earrings. I have a lot of tacky gold in my jewellery box. I love vintage Versace prints as well – I  just like to wear anything loud and colourful. At the moment I’ve got a lot of Aztec and tribal prints in my wardrobe. I prefer to wear things no one else has.”

That doesn’t mean she’s impractical, though. Laya admits that when it comes to shoes, she’s all about the comfort. “I’m really into trainers. Bristol is built on a hill, so comfy footwear is essential here. I’ve got loads of Air Max trainers and comfy boots for that reason.”

Although her roots are in London, Laya’s lived in Bristol all her life and has a few secret stops on her city fashion map. “I love to shop on Park Street, and up Gloucester Road where there are a lot of cool second-hand and vintage boutiques. I’m a huge fan of Dutty Girl – I modelled for them when I was 16 and still shop there now. I also love Seven on Park Row, which is a little underground store that’s full of treasures.”

She’ll soon be leaving all this behind, however, as the Skins cast are regenerated once again at the end of this series to make room for the new class of fashion miscreants. Laya is looking forward to the transition: “I’m planning to move to London, where I’ll live with Freya (Mavor, who plays Mini in the series), try to get more work and see what happens. Bristol is my home but a lot of my friends have moved away and gone to university, and it’s your friends that make your town feel like home, so this will be a good move for me.

“I’m hoping to do more theatre,” she says, when we ask her what her ideal next step would be. “While I would like to do more TV, it does limit you in a way because you always have to play someone your own age, and usually it’s the same kind of characters you get given, whereas in theatre you could be doing absolutely anything. I like the possibilities it offers”.

It’s this chameleon-like quality that makes Laya so interesting to watch – both as an actress and a fashion subject. We get the feeling this won’t be the last we see of the ever-changing Miss Lewis.


3rd June 2011

When we started Bristol Fashionista, we told you this was the start of something big and now, we can reveal what that is.

We’re delighted to present the brand new online fashion community that’s right up your street,

The site looks at the latest trends and how real people are wearing them around the country. We’re starting with Bristol as our pilot city (where else?!) before rolling out and spreading the fashion love to other UK cities.

Please do visit and let us know what you think!

You can also like us on Facebook

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter too @mystreetchic

Love it. Wear it. Share it.

Lots of love

The Bristol Fashionista – now – team!

Paradise palms

14th May 2011

Ok, so maybe it was last seen on your Uncle Ray at the family barbeque in 1981, but we’re telling you, palm tree prints are still hot! Combine it with this season’s bright hues and a super-flattering halter neck cut, and you’ve got a match made in bikini heaven. This little number is from – (top -£19, bottoms, £13).

How to: Dianna’s fishtail plait

12th May 2011

With her glossy blonde locks, our favourite Gleek Dianna Agron (a.k.a Quinn) never seems to have bad hair day but we’re onto her…that fishtail plait is her secret hair failsafe. It’s a fast and fresh way to sweep away an unruly mane that refuses to behave, whilst looking like a super chic mermaid! It’s also a brilliant style for the beach as you can slick on some conditioner and braid up your hair before hitting the sea to keep it soft and give a gentle wave. If you want to recreate Dianna’s signature style, check out this handy how to video below.


Student discount frenzy at Cabot Circus

9th May 2011

Are you a student who loves fashion and freebies? Get yourself down to Cabot Circus on Thursday 12 May for The Big Student Takeover, where you’ll be able to get exclusive one-off discounts, and enjoy a series of free in-store events.

Urban Outfitters and Schuh will be offering students a 15% discount, while American Apparel, Cult Clothing, French Connection, Republic and River Island will be slashing prices by 20% just for the night.

There’ll also be lots of in-store entertainment on offer with DJs and bands performing, as well as tons of giveaways, goodie bags and drinks up for grabs.

You’ll also get the chance to start next term in style and quids in with loads of in-store competitions.

All you need to do to get involved is bring your student ID and register at Quakers Friars for an all-access pass, which will allow you to take advantage of all the special offers.

For further information on all discounts and activities taking place on the Student Discount Night, together with a full list of the retailers taking part, please visit, or

The Big Student Takeover, Cabot Circus, Thursday 12 May, 6pm – 8pm.

Royal wedding ring for £1.50!

28th April 2011

This one’s for all the copy-Kates out there…get Kate Middleton’s £28,000 ring for a bargain price at Primark!

You might have noticed we’ve remained curiously silent about the Royal Wedding. There’s been acres of coverage about Kate Middleton in the press – her wrap dress, her fascination with fascinators, her bouncy, shiny hair. We didn’t think we had anything new to add. That was until we popped into our local Primark in Broadmead and noticed they were flogging an exact copy of her £28,000 sparkler for just £1.50!

While Kate’s dazzler is made with sapphires and diamonds, we assume Primarni’s version is made with less precious materials but as long as it looks the business, who cares?