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Bristol beauty: R&R Experience

9th November 2015

A touch of Parisian beauty in the heart of Bristol…


Every now and then an email arrives which just brightens your day. This happened to me the other day when I heard from a lady called Ruth Chona. Having worked at a luxury salon on the Champs Elysees in Paris and posh hotels in the south of France, Ruth has now opened her own salon right here in Bristol, aiming to bring that five-star service to the west country. She invited me in to try one of their massages and, being a total spa junkie, of course I accepted.

Ruth’s Horfield salon, while simple in style, has been a total labour of love for the South American-born beauty therapist. From handpicking all the furniture, to putting up new walls and decorating – there’s no part of this small but cosy space she hasn’t been involved with.

Ruth Chona - the entrepreneur behind R&R Experience

Ruth Chona – the entrepreneur behind R&R Experience

That attention to detail extends even to the massage table – it’s heated and oh so cosy! For my 30-minute massage I was given a choice between lemongrass, geranium and lavender oils. Since it was the end of a long week and I was heading back home afterwards, I opted for relaxing lavender.

Having suffered from a few back niggles in recent months, I was a bit anxious about entrusting my knotted muscles to someone new, but Ruth was considerate and made sure I was comfortable with the pressure. Pretty soon I drifted away and half an hour felt like a lot longer.

It might seem a bit self-indulgent to buy yourself to a massage on a regular basis, but little treats like this now and then can make all the difference to your frame of mind. A 30-minute massage with R&R Experience is just £25 and, after a wonderful first-time experience, I can definitely see myself doing this again.

If you live in Bristol and fancy a little treat, book in with Ruth at randrexperience.com – after all, you’re totally worth it!

Disclosure: R&R Experience approached me to write this post and gifted me a massage but, as you know, I never recommend things I wouldn’t willingly pay for myself.