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The Perfume Society Discovery Box

Scents of occasion: A day with The Perfume Society

8th February 2016

Love perfumes? I’ve been invited to join a “secret” society and now I’m sharing their secret with you. Ssssh….

The Scented Letter Perfume Society

I received a most fragrant invitation this week to meet the experts behind The Perfume Society, a new online club that allows members to test the latest fragrances and learn more about their sense of smell. The event, held at The Porter in Bath, promised to unravel the secrets of our olfactory preferences and make us more discerning in our appreciation of fragrances.

Perfume Society workshop

Hosted by fragrance expert and journalist Jo Fairley, the workshop brought together perfume aficionados for an afternoon of scent appreciation. We began by discussing why people prefer certain types of fragrances to others, for example, did you know that your physical appearance can impact the kinds of scents that work best on you? As a general rule of thumb:

  • Blondes with fair skin are happiest with richer florals, because their skin has a tendency to be dry and subtle fragrances dissolve faster.
  • Brunettes with medium/dark skin tend to have more oil in their skin, meaning that spicier, oriental fragrances work best on them.

This, and many other olfactory facts brought us closer to becoming experts in the art of perfume appreciation. We were also asked to bring along our favourite scent for discussion. I had hoped that Jo might tell us a little something about ourselves based on what we’d brought, or perhaps a little bit about which family our scents come from – I hope they can add this into future workshops as I’d love to learn more about why we choose the perfumes that we do.

The Perfume Society Discovery Box

Another great tip I picked up at the workshop was a fail-safe method for finding a new fragrance, or choosing a gift for someone else. When in doubt, you just ask FR.eD! This online fragrance editor helps you pick a scent you’re likely to love, based on the ones you already adore. I think it’s a brilliant idea, as fragrances are so personal and easy to get wrong when you’re buying for someone else, so I thought this was absolutely ingenious!

The Perfume Society Discovery Box

As well as the workshop, I’ve also signed up to receive The Perfume Society’s subscription box, which includes a monthly Discovery Box of samples, accompanied by ‘smelling notes’ designed to introduce you to key fragrance families. It also entitles you to discounts with some top fragrance retailers, plus invites to some exclusive events with key figures from the perfume world and eight copies a year of their exclusive digital magazine, The Scented Letter. Subscriptions cost £25 per year and can be purchased online here.

The Perfume Society Discovery Box

Before attending the workshop, I hadn’t realised quite how much goes into selecting the perfect fragrance. I’ll certainly give it a lot more thought in future and I’m looking forward to sampling the delights of the Discovery Box.

The Perfume Society Discovery Box

Disclosure: I was offered a complimentary subscription to The Perfume Society and ticket for the workshop but all views are my own.

Crafty blogger meet

2nd June 2013

ImageIf there’s a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than making flower head garlands with some of my fave bloggers, I’ve yet to find it. That’s right, today I was at a blogger event in Bristol, but the difference is, I didn’t organise it this time, so I got to enjoy the whole thing as a guest, which was a lovely change!

#craftybloggermeet was put together by Paige Calvert and Sammy Scott, who did a fine job of bringing everyone together and getting those crafty skills out of even the least arty among us. The event was held at The Birdcage, which was where we held our South West Bloggers Christmas party, and it was the perfect setting to get everyone in the mood to create.


What was great was that we all came out of the day with some fab homemade accessories, as well as a very cute goodie bag, which contained some beautiful, hand-crafted products from Ella Masters, Ruby Rae Love jewellery, Mod Dolly, and Urbangraphicshop.co.uk.



While I really enjoyed being a guest today, it did make me miss running events. It’s a lot of work and a lot of stress, but it’s totally worth it when you see everyone having a great time and enjoying the surprises you’ve prepared for them. I haven’t done one since #SWBXmas, because I’ve been busy at work, buying a house and organising what will probably be the biggest event of my life – our wedding! Having said that, I would really like to get everyone together again, so if anyone has ideas for themes/venues, etc. please do send them over to me and perhaps plans can start for another Christmasssy shindig!