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New Year, new nail art!

12th January 2014

January is a pretty depressing time, so I thought it was time to cheer up and get stuck into some new nail art. This time, I went for one of this season’s key trends: winter florals.

IMG_5660Florals in winter follow slightly different rules to those we wear in summer – for starters, the base colour should always be darker, so I went for a deep purple. Oriental patterns like these delicate blooms with long stems work really well for winter months.

nails edit

A lot of the fashion magazines at the moment are saying that nail art will die off in 2014, in favour of plainer nail decoration in subtle shades. I’d like to tell anyone thinking of ditching the trend to hold fire! Who says someone in an office in London should decide what we’re all doing? I like to wear them bold and bright, and I don’t care what anyone says!

(By the way, I got these done on a recent trip to London at Spa Nails in Teddington so if you’re in the neighbourhood, pop by! They were pretty reasonable at £13, I thought. Alternatively, if you’re in Bristol, try Nails Deluxe in Broadmead, who I’m sure would do a similar look for a comparable price).

Store Spotlight: River Island

21st February 2011

Fun, affordable and stylish, River Island is a great place to get kitted out for Spring/Summer 2011.
So, whether the trend you’ll be adopting is 1970s, bright, floral, ballet, minimal, romantic, or just a glorious mixture of everything, River Island has got it covered!
Here are our picks from the collection:

Bristol Style Favourites: Rachel Horrocks

10th February 2011

Rachel's new Swarovski encrusted brooches, modelled by Lara Lockwood

Photo: Zachary Saitoti
Design and styling: Rachel Horrocks

Spring’s gone bling this year for South Bristol based designer Rachel Horrocks, whose Swarovski encrusted floral brooches (worn here over a top) will be bringing some much-needed sparkle to the city. Not only will they brighten up your outfit, but they’ll also give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside – Rachel is donating 15% of the profits from these to Cancer Research UK.

Bristol Style Favourites: Elsie Riley

9th February 2011


Gorgeous vintage fashions from Elsie Riley

Photo: Elena Goodrum
Styling: Verity Gough
Clothes and acessories: Elsie Riley

Cider, Brunel, the Suspension Bridge… there are a lot of things competing to be the first thing you associate with Bristol but the chances are, fashion forwardness isn’t one of them. Well, that’s where you’re wrong, because the city is teeming with creative fashionistas putting together looks in their own special way. So, what better way to begin this celebration of our local style than by showcasing a fun and flirty vintage look from local boutique Elsie Riley, put together by my Bristol based friend Verity Gough (a.k.a Vintage Verity),and photographed by the talented Elena Goodrum. This shoot took place in the city’s iconic St Nicholas market and I just love the playful pastels and cute florals on these city girls!