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The military jacket

6th June 2015

Miitary and utility chic is a huge trend for Spring/Summer 2015 – but you don’t need to go top to toe to get the look…

military jacket cologne (2)

Working a relaxed military jacket on a blustery day in Germany

When I first saw the full length trench coats and khakis on the catwalks at Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren for SS15 I thought, ‘oh here we go, one of those blokey trends that won’t work at all for me’, and promptly switched off. You see, when you’re petite, anything too severe can make you look like a small child who has borrowed their parent’s clothes; meaning that the clothes wear you rather than the other way around. However, a trip to Cologne in Germany, where all the girls work army fatigues with biker boots and jeans in a cool way, made me reassess my opinion.

Primark Khaki jacketJacket, €12, Primark 

I picked up this loose khaki jacket on a windy day in Cologne to keep out the cold as we explored the city. The turned up sleeves and big lapels were what I liked about it; it felt slightly more finely fitted than most parka styles and wearing it with long gold chains and skinny jeans added a feminine touch.

military jacket evening (2)

Top, Primark; jeans, Tu at Sainsburys; shoes Deichmann Germany

I also did something I never do on this holiday, which was wear a pair of white jeans. White jeans, rather unfairly I feel, have a reputation as being ‘mum jeans’ – something you wear after a certain age. I don’t know whether it’s the slow advancing of my years, or the fact that everyone on the Continent wears them, but I decided it was time to change this perception. It also contrasted well with the military jacket. Also, here’s a tip for fellow shorties out there – Tu at Sainsburys does a great range of short fit jeans starting from just £12. Why has no one told me this before? It’s the high street’s best kept denim secret! (Psst – don’t judge me on the shoes – I had been walking all day and these were the only things I could get on my trotters by the end of the day!)

Travelling does make you re-evaluate trends; I’m not sure I would have had the confidence to work that military jacket at home, but seeing all those stylish Germans in them made it seem natural. International fash-piration? It’s just another excuse for more fabulous holidays, surely?!

Spring/Summer style with Jaeger

22nd March 2015

The weather is warming up (not a moment too soon) so it was a perfect day to check out the new collections at Jaeger in Bath today with a few of my favourite bloggettes.


Left to right: Karen from Mission Style, Nina from Le Shop, Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn, Lori from Wild & Grizzly, Josephine from Style by Josephine and Gaby from Voila Styling.

Jolly’s is a bit of Bath institution – it’s got to be one of the oldest department stores in the country, having opened in 1823 and, although it’s now part of House of Fraser, it retains that luxury tradition and Great British style that it’s always been known for. It came as no surprise to me then, when I heard that Jaeger – another paragon of classic Brit fashion – has a concession inside this very store.


This spring, their womenswear collection draws inspiration from renowned artists Barbara Hepworth and Paul Klee, with sculptural tailoring and striking prints taking centre stage.


One crucial trend for this season will be military/utility styling, and Jaeger is doing this functional tailoring incredibly well, with structured safari style dresses and skirts, like the one I’m wearing above. I plan to take this skirt up a few inches, since I am a shorty, but I think on someone tall it would work very well!


If you like your pastels, you’ll also find something to love here, since their collection contains a lot of pink and peach tones right now, as well as baby blue.


One thing that really stands out about Jaeger is the quality of the garments. The price point may be slightly higher than many high street stores, but the craftsmanship that goes into them is worth the extra spend. Skirts and jackets are beautifully lined and there’s not an errant stitch in sight. You really do get what you pay for.


As well as a fabulous shopping spree, we were also treated to an exclusive blow dry bar at No. 3 Hairdressing on Saville Row. I was delighted to discover that our stylist, Stefano, is a natural curly head like me, so he knew exactly what to do with my unruly barnet! For many of us visiting the salon, it was our first time and we were all surprised how big it was – it looks small from the outside, but they have a whole floor upstairs devoted to making people beautiful! Karen from Mission Style (pictured below) is a regular, so she and Stefano had a lot to catch up on!


On top top of this, Lancôme were generous enough to gift us all with some treats from their latest beauty collection which, as you can tell from the smiles on the girls’ faces, went down very well indeed…


I’m looking forward to trying the Génifique serum. As someone who is usually quite stingy with my skincare (Nivea and Olay is about as far as I’d stretch) I’m really keen to see if a bigger budget means better results. I’ll fill you in when I’ve tried it!


All in all, we had a fabulous day and it was full of surprises. I have to admit that before today I was convinced that Jaeger was perhaps somewhere my mum or my aunt might shop, rather than me, but actually their cuts and colours are extremely contemporary and seeing the new collection made me completely rethink my opinion.

As I’ve reached my thirties, I’ve decided to live by the mantra of ‘buy less, wear more’, so I’ll certainly look to invest in a few quality pieces like these in the near future.

Disclosure: I was contracted by Jaeger to help put together this blogger day and was given my outfit. The views given here are genuine though, so trust me on them! 🙂