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Nailing the trend

17th July 2015

My friends at Nailbox sent over a nifty little parcel this month, which was the perfect excuse to get creative and try some new nail art.

Nailbox June subscription box

There are so many beauty subscription box services out there right now, it’s hard to keep track of them all but being a total nail art fiend, I was excited to hear there is now one that’s just for your nails. The June Nailbox came with a tropical orange colour from Essie, one of Tanya Burr’s signature reds, a classy mink colour from Nails Inc, a topcoat and a cuticle trimmer.

Nailbox red rose nail art

It was a good selection that mixed and matched quite well – I decided to start with the most obvious combination, the red and the mink. I created these rose designs using a cocktail stick – it’s quite easy on the left hand but the right was pretty tricky!

Nailbox Tanya Burr nail polish

I’m not very good at staying within the lines, but overall I was pleased with the result. I’m a long-time Nails Inc devotee, but this was my first time trying Tanya Burr’s range and I have to say, I quite liked it. It was a striking, good quality red that stayed put for about a week and half, which is pretty good, considering most brands chip off on me the moment I leave the house.

Nailbox Essie Orange

Next, I tried the Essie orange, with an accent nail of the mink, covered with a spotty design made up of both the orange and red. This one was a lot easier to create but I had run out of cocktail sticks so it’s a bit uneven as I did it freehand!

Nailbox Essie Orange and Nails Inc Mink

Overall, I thought it was pretty fab and it’s excellent value at £15 a box when you consider that the Nails Inc colour alone would have cost you £14. (The longer you subscribe for, the cheaper it is per box, so it’s £14.50 a box for 3 months, £14 for 6 months and £13.50 for the year). I’m not sure I could justify spending that much every month on nails for myself, but I would consider buying a gift box for a friend, as it’s the kind of decadent thing you can treat someone else to for their birthday.

Have you tried any subscription boxes? Which were your favourites? Leave me a comment below!

Disclosure: I was given this Nailbox for free but other than that, I was not paid for this review. All views are my own.


Twenties girl

30th May 2015

Tassels, red lips and a jewel headdress made me feel like a real life flapper girl. And the occasion? Eurovision, of course!

1920s flapper dress Eurovision

My Eurovision look – inspired by Electro Velvet

Those of you who follow my blog regularly will know that I’m a Eurovision superfan and this year all my dreams came true – I finally got to go and see it in person. The 60th annual Eurovision Song Contest was held in Vienna, which really is a city of dreams, with grand 19th century architecture and everything seemingly edged with gold. This photo was taken in the lobby of our hotel, the Josefshof, just before we set off for the competition at the Wiener Stadhalle.

electro velvet eurovision (1)

Flying the flag: Electro Velvet for the UK

In honour of this year’s UK entry, Electro Velvet, I decided to compliment their Great Gatsby inspired staging with a little style homage of my own.

Since 1920s fashion isn’t one of the key looks this season, my usual high street go-to stores weren’t much help this time. I stumbled upon this dress almost by accident at Bohemia, a sweet little vintage shop on Picton Street in Stokes Croft.

IMG_2555_Edit (1)

One fabulous 1920s headdress plus one patient husband…

T-bar dolly shoes with a respectable heel would be the ideal footwear choice with this dress but since I fully intended to dance all night long, I opted for these pointed flats from Primark, which were loads more comfortable. The headdress was a charity shop find from a few years ago, which I’ve been waiting for an occasion to wear. Now that it’s had one outing (and a lot of compliments) I’m definitely going to work this into more outfits this summer.

eurovision 2015

My outfit for the semi finals also included a vintage fascinator and polka dots

Working the 1920s look doesn’t have to be all about fancy dress – with a coloured heel and perhaps a leather jacket, a flapper dress like this can look modern and stylish. The only downside of it was that I kept getting stuck to other people as the tassels also act as hooks and attach to buttons. Still, it was a good way to make new friends on the dance floor!


Eurovision inspired nail art

Of course, no Eurovision outfit would be complete without the proper nail art – your country’s flag worn proudly on every nail. There is no such thing as OTT on this one very special night of the year. These were hastily done after a drink or two so they’re not an ideal example, but you get the idea.

Next year’s contest will be held in Sweden and, while I may not make it in person again, we’ll certainly join in with Europe’s biggest party!

New Year, new nail art!

12th January 2014

January is a pretty depressing time, so I thought it was time to cheer up and get stuck into some new nail art. This time, I went for one of this season’s key trends: winter florals.

IMG_5660Florals in winter follow slightly different rules to those we wear in summer – for starters, the base colour should always be darker, so I went for a deep purple. Oriental patterns like these delicate blooms with long stems work really well for winter months.

nails edit

A lot of the fashion magazines at the moment are saying that nail art will die off in 2014, in favour of plainer nail decoration in subtle shades. I’d like to tell anyone thinking of ditching the trend to hold fire! Who says someone in an office in London should decide what we’re all doing? I like to wear them bold and bright, and I don’t care what anyone says!

(By the way, I got these done on a recent trip to London at Spa Nails in Teddington so if you’re in the neighbourhood, pop by! They were pretty reasonable at £13, I thought. Alternatively, if you’re in Bristol, try Nails Deluxe in Broadmead, who I’m sure would do a similar look for a comparable price).